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Hello, my name is Yana and I am a naïve style artist. Like anyone else in this world, I am always searching for a meaning in life. I find those meanings in the things that are simple like air, freedom, beauty, love, all combined in one word - joy!

The particular style that I portray is naïve art. Naïve art represents a society in which artists carry their childhood spirits in their souls. I have met a lot of these artists at exhibitions and festivals around the world, and we are known as naivists.

"Naïve" means jovial, frank, ordinary, simple-hearted, sincere, pure, childish, unpretentious, casual, unsophisticated.

In my home town of Plovdiv, Bulgaria, I am one of the very few naivist artists who draw in this style. I have been traveling and exhibiting my artwork for 15 years in solo exhibitions all over the world. My goal is to make Bulgarian naivism known to the audience outside of my country.

Naivism is a trend that I am presenting with a passion, by searching for new places and new faces around the world. All the countries I have visited so far left a special mark in my life and I really want to visit them again. My own strive is to turn every participation into a solo exhibition and surprise the audience again with new colors and fantastic stories in the naive style. Like a different world, seen in a simple and serene way of life.

"Happiness in frame"

That’s how my paintings are defined. Vivid, colorful, bright, magical, and appealing. Much like a dream, with a gentle touch of reality, music, chime and shining lights, which I create in my own unique way, making them recognizable to every spectator. They all represent my inner world, and yes, that's me!


Manon Lavoie

Manon Lavoie

~ 13/11/2018 ~

“Yana Ilieva is a young Bulgarian artist who studied art at the University of Plovdiv in Bulgaria. She is an independent and versatile artist because she works on wood, uses acrylic, oil and mixed media with equal happiness, she has created her own decorations: Yana and has chosen the naive style for our greatest pleasure. I love her liveliness and the joy that emanates from her works, she has a unique and brilliant style that enchants me and makes me smile with joy!”

Manon Lavoie
Tea Alba Gallery

Tea Alba Gallery

~ 19/04/2017 ~

“Magical, wise, entertaining, warm, exalted, human, sparkling with joy, colors, heroes, adventures, Yana's paintings remind us of the real values in life, regain our faith in miracles and fascinate with our fantasy.”

Tea Alba Gallery

The gallery is located in the heart of Plovdiv, Bulgaria. In the crossroad of ancient civilizations and nations, the territory was a part of the Roman Empire for a couple of centuries. The current motto of the city is "Ancient and eternal". Nowadays, the city is known as a cultural center of Bulgaria with its rich historical heritage. It is often presented as a "must see” destination in the travel guides. The Yana Art Nave Gallery will have permanent expositions and exhibitions of my paintings and paintings of many other artists.

Welcome to the gallery! Feel free to get familiar with the style of art naive and immerse yourself in the simplest of fairy stories filled with love and kindness.



Yana Ilieva

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